Announcement: A Little Reorganisation

Hello, everyone.

Just a quick announcement on a little reorganisation of my blogs. This blog will now be dedicated only to history, historical and contemporary royals, protocol and etiquette  and other similar questions dealing with various aspects of royalty. Posts like Day in History or Coronation Ceremonies will continue to be made here. On the other hand, posts about jewellery will now be made in my other blog – Artemisia’s Royal Jewels  (which was previously dedicated to British Royal Jewels only).

At the same time, I also made some changes here to make browsing the blog an easier and a more pleasant experience. At the top of the blog, you will see several Pages: these pages include links to relevant posts. To see how it will work, have a look at Historical Royals page; it contains titles of all the posts on historical royals, along with links to relevant posts. The pages are:

  • The Den (the place where you can read about the rules and announcements)
  • Royal News (for news on contemporary and historical royals from reigning and non-reigning houses alike)
  • Historical Royals (posts on royals of the past, including the “Day in History” posts)
  • Titles and Styles (posts on titles, styles, precedence and ranking)
  • Coronations (posts on Coronations, Enthronements and Inaugurations)
  • Weddings (posts on Royal and Noble weddings, past and present)
  • Births and Christenings (posts on Royal and Noble births and christenings)
  • Musings (posts on various aspects of royal life, traditions and history)
  • Other (a miscellaneous category)

You can also find the relevant information using the Categories option on the right (which is based on Royal Houses or separate topic) or simply suing the Search the Den option. I hope the changes will not cause inconvenience to you. As usual, if you have any questions or issues, just leave a message: I will most definitely respond.

Hope to see you all here as often as possible!


Hello, Fellow Royal and History Fans!

Hello, everyone and welcome to the Den!

I’m really exiting to introduce my brand new blog to all of you. It’s main focus will be:

  • Royal history and historical figures
  • Questions of protocol, etiquette, precedence, ranking, titles and styles
  • News from royalty around the world (both reigning and non-reigning houses)
  • Important occasions – Coronation, Inauguration and Enthronement Ceremonies
  • Happy occasions – Royal weddings, pregnancy announcements, births and christenings (hopefully, in that order)
  • Random and miscellaneous facts on royalty and history

As some of you may know, I suffer from an incurable case of jewelaphilia (this is my blog so I can make up terms), so I have started another blog which will focus exclusively on Jewels from Royal Houses – Artemisia’s Royal Jewels (I am very original with names).

Hope you will enjoy both blogs; as always, I am open to all suggestions and request. If there is anything in particular you want me to cover, just sent a note!

  • Welcome to Artemisia’s Royal Den!

    I hope you'll enjoy this page. If you have any special requests, just send a message!
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