Inaki Urdangarin Scandal: New evidence suggests Infanta Cristina might have known of illegal activities

The lawyers of Diego Torres, Inaki Urdangarin’s former partner and co-defendant in fraud case, have provided thirty new messages as evidence, some of which seem to suggest that Infanta Cristina was at the very least briefed on her husband’s activities.

One of the messages from Don Inaki to his wife alludes to “two versions” of reports and asks for her opinion. The Duke of Palma asks for Infanta Cristina’s opinion on various business-related issues in some of the other messages as well.

The Duke and Duchess of Palma de Mallorca

The Duke and Duchess of Palma de Mallorca

Cristina was a board member of Noos and part-owner of Aizoon both of which are involved in the corruption case. Although the judge presiding over the case has so far found no evidence of her involvement in anything illegal, it is highly unlikely she was completely unaware of her husband’s activities.

Other messages show the communication between the Duke of Palma and Carlos Garcia Revenga – the private secretary and confidant of the Infantas Elena and Cristina who was the treasurer of the Noos Foundation.

Mario Pascual Vives, Inaki Urdangarin’s lawyer, weighed his opinion on the matter. In a very carefully worded statement (he is a lawyer, after all), he said he’d need to “look into” the new allegations. However, he was quick to add there is no evidence that the Duke of Palma asked advice from his wife, or that she was aware of any wrongdoings. Perhaps most interestingly, Vives refused to answer directly whether Torres is blackmailing Urdangarin with potentially far more harming evidence.

To read more about the Corruption Case, all the details surrounding it and the timeline of events, have a look at this post – Inaki Urdangarin Corruption Case: Will the Borbons survive?

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