Coronation of The Queens Consort: History and Ceremony

The Coronation of the British Monarch is an elaborate and relatively well-known ceremony. Every detail of the service is full of tradition and symbolism, every element is carefully thought through and has a deep meaning. Yet very little information exists on the coronation of the Queens Consort; their simple ceremonies are simply lost in the midst of splendour of the King’s coronation.

Uncrowned Queens of England and Britain

Uncrowned Queens of England and Britain

Before the Norman conquest of England, few Queens were actually crowned. In fact, the only Anglo-Saxon Queen Consort who is known to have had a coronation was Aelfthryth, the wife of Edgar the Peaceful. After William the Conqueror came to power and established a new Royal House new traditions appeared as well, including a coronation ceremony for his wife, Matilda of Flanders. Since then, only eight Queens Consort had no coronations, and four of them were married to the same man: Margaret of France (second wife of Edward I), Jane Seymour (third wife of Henry VIII), Anne of Cleves (fourth wife of Henry VIII), Catherine Howard (fifth wife of Henry VIII), Catherine Parr (sixth wife of Henry VIII), Henrietta Maria of France (the wife of Charles I), Catherine of Braganza (the wife of Charles II), Caroline of Brunswick (the wife of George IV). (more…)

Prince Georg Friedrich and Princess Sophie Welcome Twin Sons

Prince Georg Friedrich and Princess Sophie

Prince Georg Friedrich and Princess Sophie

The Prince and Princess of Prussia are now proud parents of two boys. The twins were born on January 20 in Bremen, Germany. A statement released by Prince Georg Friedrich today announced the births with “great joy and gratitude”. The mother and children are all doing well.

The elder twin is named Carl Friedrich and the younger one – Louis Ferdinand. Carl Friedrich is the Heir Apparent to the headship of the House of Hohenzollern. The names have strong history in the family; it is also possible the eldest boy was named in honour of Karl Friedrich, Prince of Hohenzollern (head of the Princely House of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen). The younger boy is named after Prince Georg’s father – Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia.


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