Day in History – January 17: Death of Theodosius, The Last Emperor To Rule Over The Entire Roman Empire

On January 17, 395 Theodosius The Great passed away, leading to the final partition of the Roman Empire. Theodosius I was the last Emperor who ruled over the whole Roman Empire.

Emperors Valentinian I (left) and Valens (right)

Emperors Valentinian I (left) and Valens (right)

One of the few Roman Emperors to be honoured with theĀ epithetĀ “Great”, Theodosius was not born in purple, nor did he have strong ties to the Imperial Family; he was the son of a senior military officer, Theodosius the Elder. He was an able commander from very young age; among other campaigns, he accompanied his father to suppress the Great Conspiracy of 368 in Britannia, aged just 20 at the time. Just a couple of years later, he became a military commander in his own right.


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