Hello, Fellow Royal and History Fans!

Hello, everyone and welcome to the Den!

I’m really exiting to introduce my brand new blog to all of you. It’s main focus will be:

  • Royal history and historical figures
  • Questions of protocol, etiquette, precedence, ranking, titles and styles
  • News from royalty around the world (both reigning and non-reigning houses)
  • Important occasions – Coronation, Inauguration and Enthronement Ceremonies
  • Happy occasions – Royal weddings, pregnancy announcements, births and christenings (hopefully, in that order)
  • Random and miscellaneous facts on royalty and history

As some of you may know, I suffer from an incurable case of jewelaphilia (this is my blog so I can make up terms), so I have started another blog which will focus exclusively on Jewels from Royal Houses – Artemisia’s Royal Jewels (I am very original with names).

Hope you will enjoy both blogs; as always, I am open to all suggestions and request. If there is anything in particular you want me to cover, just sent a note!